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Sit back as your customers change their behaviour for the better.

With Neo you are able to target customers with offers from your business that are relevant and valuable to both of you - driving engagement and success for you and your customers.

$30 customer
$80 customer

With the Neo Network
you can

Increase basket size and frequency

Create offers to increase basket size and purchase frequency.

Win back lost customers

Target customers who haven’t purchased in a while and get them back in the door.

Increase market share

Increase how much customers spend with you versus your competitors.

Invest in customers,
not marketers.

No paying for clicks or views. Instead 100% of your marketing spend goes directly to the customer after they make a purchase.

Double down on what works.

Track customer behaviour and engagement to optimize your program and focus on what’s working.

No surprises

100% of your marketing dollars go directly to customers.

No staff training

Everything runs in the background - no complicated procedures.

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