Credit card, rewards,
and deposits all in one.

Not the hand-me-down bank your parents told you to sign up for.

Apply and use your card in minutes.

Never visit a branch again.

Thousands of merchants. Tons of rewards. One card.

No need to track multiple rewards programs or apps anymore. Neo Merchants will apply loyalty rewards to your account automatically.


That’s a lot of savings.

A deposit account that pays 20 times the national average.

The other guys

Neo’s Deposit Account

Send money.

Get paid.

Even cancel your card.

All without calling anyone.

Control your card from your phone.

No need to call us if your card is lost or you’re going travelling.

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All digital



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You deserve simplicity and control. Not thirty minutes on hold when you lose your card and need help.

Let’s get more out of your time and money.

That’s Neo.